1. detroit-github(5)
  2. detroit-github(5)


detroit-github - github services for detroit


The GitHub tool provides services tied to your project's github repository. Presently it only supports gh-pages publishing.


The following options can be used in Detroit assembly files for defining a github service.


If you keep your website in a project subdirectory called either site, web, website or www, and failing those, doc or docs, then the defaults settings are likely sufficiant.

  active: true

If the files to copy to the gh-pages branch are more entailed, use a mapping of source to destination. For example, if we want to copy all the files in site/ to gh-pages, but also all the files in doc/ to a directory called doc we could use:

    site: .
    doc: doc

However, this isn't usually necessary, since a soft link could be used instead.

$ ln -s doc site/doc

You can check soft-links into with git and they will be transfered as if the real file when copied to the gh-pages file. So a more complex sitemap is really only needed when more specific selections or complex globs are needed.


For more information:

Copyright (c) 2010 Thomas Sawyer, Rubyworks

Detroit GitHub is distributable in accordance with the GPLv3 license.


detroit(1), git(1), detroit-grancher(5)

  1. October 2011
  2. detroit-github(5)